Bob’s Charitable Foundation Donates $33,500 to Residents Displaced by Fire

Bob’s Charitable Foundation Donates $33,500 to Residents Displaced by Fire

Sep 13th 2019

The community of Stoughton, Massachusetts continues to rally together to support residents who were displaced from a senior housing development in July.

Rose Forte senior housing development was struck by lightning on Thursday, July 18, sparking a fire at the complex at 4 Capen Street in Stoughton, MA. The complex sustained heavy damage due to the fire and is completely uninhabitable, leaving 67 residents in need of housing.

Some residents were placed in local hotels while others were able to stay with family and friends. Repairs to the Rose Forte complex are estimated to take at least five to six months at the earliest.

Bob’s Discount Charitable Foundation was proud to donate $500 gift cards to each of the 67 residents to help them purchase basic furniture needs.

“On behalf of Bob’s Discount Furniture, I’m very happy to be able to present this gift card–total value of $33,500 to the Stoughton Housing Authority for the victims of the fire at their residence,” said Kathryn Pianta, lead foundation administrator, Bob’s Discount Charitable Foundation. “I’m so happy to be able to do this to help in your recovery.”

The gift cards will help the 67 residents purchase furniture and begin to rebuild the homes they lost.

“Ths really warms our heart. It’s been a difficult time for the residents,” said Colleen Doherty, executive director, Stoughton Housing Authority. “They lost a lot of things, not just their homes, but furniture and items such as that and I think this will go a long way to show that the community cares. And Bob’s Furniture responded right away. This is a huge donation and we can’t be more grateful for that.”