Bob’s Discount Furniture Committed to a Season of Hunger Relief

Bob’s Discount Furniture Committed to a Season of Hunger Relief

Feb 10th 2023

During the holiday season of giving, Bob’s Discount Furniture is proud to announce the donation of $169,000 to hunger-relief organizations across the country as well as a partnership with U.S. Hunger.

On one single day, Bob’s Discount Furniture Charitable Foundation sent 169 donations of $1,000 each to food assistance organizations near its 164 furniture store locations and five distribution centers nationwide. On that same day, Bob’s employees participated in the Hunger Project at their home office in Manchester, Conn., packing 20,000 meals through U.S. Hunger. Meals were distributed to Midwest Food Pantry of New England in Manchester, Conn.

“During this season of giving, we are excited to support food pantries in our communities,” said Bob Kaufman, president emeritus and co-founder of Bob’s Discount Furniture. “We know that many people struggle to feed their families and we’re hoping these donations help provide meals to those in need during this holiday season.”

For nine years, Bob’s has celebrated the holidays by distributing funds to to a variety of different hunger relief organizations throughout the country including the Jewish Children & Family Services of Greater Mercer County in New Jersey.

JFCS Executive Director, Michelle Napell, said the organization provides food assistance to nearly 900 families each month. “We could not do this without the support of the businesses in our area,” said Napell. “We are grateful to Bob’s Discount Furniture for their commitment to supporting the communities where they have a presence.”

In addition to participating in U.S. Hunger’s meal-packing event, Bob’s donated $10,000 from its Café Collections for a Cause earlier this year.