Bob’s Celebrates Teacher Appreciation Week

Bob’s Celebrates Teacher Appreciation Week

May 10th 2022

We all have moments in life where everything seems to come full circle.

Call it fate or just part of life's plan, but sometimes our direction in life brings us back to a very familiar place.

This is the story of Kathryn Pianta.

Pianta and her husband were born and raised in Connecticut and eventually moved away for careers. Fast forward a few years and in 1998 - and now with two young children - they decided to move back to the Nutmeg State.

The young family made their home in Colchester, Connecticut and Pianta started volunteering at the local school. The volunteer role turned into a job as a paraprofessional within the Special Education department. In this role, Pianta became very familiar with the furniture in her school. “We had to sit at the kids’ desks in the tiny chairs,” Pianta recalled.

However, the staff did have a place they could go - even just for a few minutes - and enjoy some adult size furniture in the teacher’s lounge.

“It was a welcomed respite to go and sit at a cafe table instead of the little tables and chairs,” said Pianta.

And I give you one guess which furniture store donated the tables… Bob’s!

Fast forward a few years and Pianta is now the person in charge of Bob’s Charitable Foundation managing donations to schools.

And, for the record, she does have an adult size desk and chair!

How Bob’s Donates to Schools

Teacher’s lounges are just some of the spaces that Bob’s Discount Furniture donates to. Pianta said Bob’s also donates furniture to student spaces, school libraries, club rooms and entryways. The donations are made in the form of gift cards and granted by Bob’s Discount Furniture Charitable Foundation.

In total, the Foundation donates more than $25,000 in gift cards to schools every year.

“It is our privilege to support those dedicated teachers who enrich and educate our students as they prepare for their futures,” said Bob Kaufman, founder and president emeritus, Bob’s Discount Furniture.