Letter of Procedures

Thank you for including Bob's Discount furniture in your fundraising efforts. We try to honor as many requests for donations as possible. Our Foundation can only accept requests from 501 (c) (3) not for profit organizations. Additionally, because of the volume of requests we receive it takes a minimum of 30 days to process agency requests for clients and a minimum of 60 days to process any requests for events. Please be sure your event is at least 60 days from the date of your request.

Individual Sponsorships:

In the interest of expanding the range of individuals we help, we do our best to provide corporate sponsorships to organizations that fit within our mission. At this time we do not provide individual sponsorships.

Individual requests for a needy person or family:

Bob's cannot deal directly with an individual. Individuals are asked to seek the sponsorship of a non profit organization. These non profit organizations write a letter of request on behalf of the needy individual or family. Bob's supplies Gift Cards to offset the cost of furniture for these clients.


The request must be on agency letterhead and include a contact person's name, a return address, and a phone number. A copy of your agency's Federal Tax Determination letter is also required. We are required to have the support documentation on file. Requests will not be honored without this letter. Also, please provide your client's name so that you will know who the Gift Card belongs to when you receive it as Gift Cards are sent direct to the agency for distribution to the clients. Lastly, the clients and agencies are required to pay sales tax on the gift card portion of their purchases; this is a state law and there are no exceptions.

Event Requests:

Please put the request on letterhead with the name of the charitable organization, a contact person's name, a return address, a phone number, and the date of your event. A copy of the Federal Tax Determination letter for the charity that the proceeds will go to is required for processing. We are required to have the support documentation on file. Requests will not be honored without this letter.

Contact Us:

In the interest of ensuring contact with the Foundation, requests cannot be left at a store or faxed. All requests must be submitted via email (Kathryn.Pianta@mybobs.com) or US mail to the following address:

Bob's Discount Furniture Charitable Foundation
434 Tolland Turnpike
Manchester, CT 06042